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Hello there,

I started this blog wanting to share my testimony on how I came back to the Lord and when I was finished, I wondered what I was going to do next. I love writing and I love writing about Jesus and my experiences with Him. There is so much that He’s taught me and so much that I have to say.

The stories you will read are the little lessons I have learnt over the years ( I sound like an old lady!) and some of the things that I have seen that have touched me.

I hope you find these stories enlightening and I hope that they may be an encouragement to some of you. Obviously there will be times where I’ll mess it up and it’ll come out wrong but be assured that the good Lord is working in my life everyday and showing me areas in my life that need to change to help me grow.




About Marilyn :)

I'm a writer and christian whose living a very complicated life, I know I'm never alone no matter how alone I feel at times. I'm stubborn so i always learn things the hard way and even though I have a lot of regrets, I'd never take anything back because I wouldn't be who I am today.

6 responses to “About my Blog

  1. Rose Petals :)

    Awesm stuff girly..cnt wait to read more wat an honour to be part of this interesting journey w u….crack on sister friend….

  2. JC

    Well, Hello Marilyn 🙂
    Thanks for following my blog 😉 So I came over to check yours out and was most delighted! I read every single post! I admire you and I pray that your story will cause many to come to Christ! Embracing who God wanted me to be made me come alive and it is the ‘coolest’ thing I’ve ever done 😉
    Stay beautiful and continue to let your light shine 😉

    • Marilyn :)

      thank you so much for stopping by my blog.
      the lord has been so good to all of us:)
      cant wait to read more about you

  3. Wowee, sounds like you’ve had a time of it. Thanks for inviting me to stop by – and for following Lessons by Heart. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your walk with Jesus.

    One thing is for sure, life with Him is anything but boring! 🙂


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