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As for me, I started my journey by going to this little island, I was so nervous about staying there. I often reminded myself that if I don’t find what I’m looking for (what ever it was), I was going to go back to Cyprus.
So as long as I had my back up plan I was satisfied, even though, deep down inside I knew something different was in store for me.
Arriving in this little island was the start of something new. I had drama at the airport, and the person that was meant to fetch me didn’t find me till hours later, leaving me sitting around wondering what to do.
Driving me to my aunt’s friend’s house was another mission as we got lost and drove for hours on end. The last nightmare was, arriving at this house.
Turns out my aunt thought it was nice to put me in a house of six dogs. I wasn’t sure if she knew my fear for dogs or because everyone on this island loves dogs so much that it didn’t cross her mind but, I got a fright when I saw these big dogs run at me.
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And so, my adventure begins, this is my story…


About Marilyn :)

I'm a writer and christian whose living a very complicated life, I know I'm never alone no matter how alone I feel at times. I'm stubborn so i always learn things the hard way and even though I have a lot of regrets, I'd never take anything back because I wouldn't be who I am today.

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