Avoiding the past

I had made a deal with my family and friends that I was not going to  go out with my ex boyfriend again because of the bad results of our dating the last time. So where ever he was when we were out, I would try my best to avoid him and it drove him insane because he knew no one wanted us together again.
He would act silly around me when he was drunk and ignore me when he was sober.
download (47)One sunny day I agreed to visit him and clear up any issues we had, he promised it was just going to be a chat about what happened in the past and an update on how we are now.

So I went and we managed to sort out the problems we had with one another and it turned out to be a good day.
I told him that we were not right for each other and that my family didn’t want us together so it’s best to remain friends and he agreed.

 I can give him credit, he is a charmer, a very good one. Somehow in all this ‘friendshipness’ we agreed on it turned into a ‘secret dating’ that no one knew about, not my family nor my friends. In a way I loved it because when we were out I was free to do as I pleased and I could shout at him when he tried to intervene because we were apparently not dating.
It wasn’t long before the secret got out and before I got a mouth full from my family and friends about our relationship and things fell right back to where they were.

download (48)We loved each other very much but we fed off each other’s energy and fought over almost everything, nothing ever seemed to go right. Either he would get sensitive about something small, or I would.
avoiding hiEvery night out, we’d fight either from one of us drinking too much, or if I was talking to too many boys or if I was ignoring him too much or if it was something I said or something he did, it was never ending.


About Marilyn :)

I'm a writer and christian whose living a very complicated life, I know I'm never alone no matter how alone I feel at times. I'm stubborn so i always learn things the hard way and even though I have a lot of regrets, I'd never take anything back because I wouldn't be who I am today.

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