To leave or not to leave…

We  weren’t’ sure if it was best for me to stay or go back home because winter was coming up and I would have no work but because I loved the life style here and the friends I made, I didn’t want to go back home.
We spoke about it with my family for days and days, trying to think of what I can do while I’m here and where to look for a job and the list went on.
Although we found no good solution for me to stay, I stayed anyways.

Bad decision! The rest of my time in Cyprus I could not find a job and partied more than ever before because there was nothing else to do. I was not in a good place because I would wake up to no plan for the day and lay restless in bed all night, trying to think of what I was going to do the next day. I went back to getting drunk often and being foolish, hanging out with the wrong crowd and just plain getting worse.
I was not happy anymore.

 The end of the year finally arrived and my dad was grateful that I was not in Bulawayo in December because it’s the party month of the year where everyone goes off the rails and he felt safe that I was away from all that. Little did he know that a surprise was coming his way, of course I was not going to miss this time of year and by then it was the middle of winter in Cyprus and I wanted some summer fun again.
Coincidentally, it was my ex boyfriends birthday they day I arrived and to make things more juicy, he was having a birthday lunch with my family and I knew nothing about that.
So when I surprised my father at this lunch, I was surprised to see my ex sitting there with my family and you’d bet, he was surprised to see me. My father was also surprised to see me and had to look twice to recognise me.

So even though there were so many surprises that day, it was an awkward lunch.


About Marilyn :)

I'm a writer and christian whose living a very complicated life, I know I'm never alone no matter how alone I feel at times. I'm stubborn so i always learn things the hard way and even though I have a lot of regrets, I'd never take anything back because I wouldn't be who I am today.

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